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Born in Catamarca, Argentina. 1966. She graduated in Plastic Arts from the National University of Tucumán, Argentina. Approved in 2006 by the UPV.  Currently and since 2001 lives and works in Valencia, Spain. 




2021. Everything that does not speak. Santamaca Art space. Alicante. Spain 

2021. Fosc. Volta Galery architecture space. Alicante. Spain 

2019.  Fosc. Carmen Theater. Permanent exhibition season XXV. Valencia. Spain 

2017. Per-Files. Santamaca Art Space. Alicante. Spain 

2016.  Per-Fils. Espai Mariola Nos. Vinaroz. Valencia 

2015. Overflow. With a thousand different shades of blue. Contemporary Art Museum. Caravatti House. Catamarca. Argentina. 

2014. Overflow. Museum of Contemporary Art Alicante (MACA). Alicante. Spain.  

2014. Needle, thread and ideas. Laureano Brizuela Museum of Fine Arts. Catamarca. Argentina. 

2013. Overflow. La Gallera Room. Valencia. Spain.  

2013. Ilo Veyou. Coll Blanc Espai d'art Gallery, Culla. Valencia. Spain. 

2013. Profiles. Caixa Vinaros. Vinaros. Spain. 

2011. Freehand. Guest artist for the Vociferio Festival of Contemporary Poetry.  MUVIM, (Valencian Museum of lustration) Valencia. Spain.   

2009. Profiles. Cultural center of Spain in Buenos Aires CCEBA. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 

2008. Drawings and Sculptures. Coll Alas Room. Gandia. Valencia. Spain. 

2006. Letting Go. Edgar Neville Gallery, Alfalfar. Valencia. Spain. 

2002. Between the threads. Room of the Antic Town Hall of Aldaia. Valencia. Spain. 



2019. Teixint Identities. Center d'Arts Key Room L'Hospitalet. Barcelona. Spain. 

2018. M (women) Gray Room, Miguel Hernández University. Elche. Alicante. Spain. 

  2016. The trick of time. On the contemporary textile paradigm, Museum of Fine Arts of   Salta. Argentina 

2016. Congress of Tucumán. 200 years of Argentine art, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Timoteo Navarro. Tucuman. Argentina. 

2015. Flat Pack Art, La Aurora Gallery. Sao Paulo. Brazil.  

2015. The active plot, fabrics and social involvement. Curator and organizer of the exhibition. Museum of contemporary art, Casa Caravatti, Catamarca. Argentina. 

2014. Raw Material. Lametro room. Valencia. Spain.  

2014. Uses of Art (7x1) Faculty of Fine Arts. Teruel. Spain.  

2014. Flat Pack. Kalpany Gallery. Milan. Italy. 

2013. Incubarte, Independent Art Festival. Valencia. Spain.  

2013. Workshop C shows. MAC, Salta Contemporary Art Museum. Argentina. 

2012. Guest Artist.  The Buena Vista building 180 NE 39th St. Miami Design District. USES.  

2012. Asme Gallery, Berlin. Germany. 

2011.  Keeping Afloat. Studio 75 Gallery. London. United Kingdom 

2010. Inviting Artist. Studi Aperti. Arts festival nel Cuore Verde tra due Laghi. Spazio Museale di Palazzo Tornielli. Enjoyable. Italy.   

2009. From the textile. 5th International Biennial of Textile Art, Guest Artist. Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires. Argentina.  

2009. Chilean Triennial. Guest artist. Another north-north axis. MAC Jump. Argentina; Antofagasta. Chile. 

2008.  ARTIFARITI. Guest artist, II International Meetings of Public Art in the RADS, Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. 

2007. Plastic interventions in the Navy. Javea. Alicante. Spain. 

2006. FEM ART 06. Center for Women's Culture Francesca Bonmeson. Barcelona. Spain. 

2005. Plastic interventions in the Navy, Formes i Llocs VII. Teulada. Alicante. Spain. 



2021. Acquisition of the Overflow work. MACA, Museum of Contemporary Art Alicante. 

2020. Acquisition of Halo + network. Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community. 

2010. III Contest Coll Alas de Artes Plásticas. V Centenary of the birth of Francisco de Borgia. Acquisition of work. Gandia. Valencia. Spain. 

2008. First prize at the Mislata Sculpture Biennial. Valencia. Spain. 

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